So I had the BEST time shooting Ms. L.  They really don’t come much sweeter than her.  She is just gorgeous inside and out.  Ms. L came to her shoot filled with self doubt (as do most clients) and filled with self love.  Read more about her shoot in her own words:

” At first, I did the boudoir shoot for my fiance for his wedding gift.  However, this shoot turned into a lot more than just his wedding gift. I loved the ability to change lingerie and sets. I thought being in the front room was great, and then the bedroom, and the white couch gave it a entire different look. The use of the props was so perfect. The session allowed me to look pretty, dress up, use props, and just let loose and be sexy (with no judgement). So….Oh my gosh. There are no words to describe what this shoot did for me. I have always been self critical. I have always been insecure for many unfortunate reasons. At first, I didn’t believe I was even capable of doing boudoir. I met Jenn in January at a bridal show expo and thought, how awesome would this be if I did this for my fiance. This is something I really would love to do, but me, I’m not skinny enough, I don’t have a ton of curves, I’m the most awkward person on camera.  This will just never work. Boy, was I wrong. After speaking with Jenn and her instilling confidence in me and telling me how much of a help she’ll be  during  my shoot and providing assistance with posing, and the art that she will create with my already existing perfect body, I  began to feel a little better – a little more like, maybe she really can do this for me (keeping in mind her online images of gorgeous). I still doubted her, for sure, because I knew myself better. However, something in her voice was so soothing, and so convincing and she assured me that this would work out the way I wanted. So I said, okay. I had absolutely nothing to lose, but everything in the world to gain. It was a risk I took and I am so happy that I took it. I walked out today from reviewing my photographs a week after our shoot and I can honestly say, in the past 28 years I have been alive, I have never looked or felt so beautiful. The best part of it all, is I began to forget it was a gift for my fiance. It became such an amazing gift for myself, my self image, my confidence, who I am, and truly how beautiful of a person I am, inside and out. I owe that to Jenn. Her talent, art, patience, flexibility – it is because of her that I feel this great about myself. This was not what I was expecting. I was expecting the entire day of shooting to be awkward and uncomfortable. I expected to sit there, in every picture, and critique the way I look. I figured I would notice the fat in one arm, the stretch mark on one leg, the freckles on the face… I expected to be self critical all day. The amazing part of the experience is, as soon as you sit down… you’re in an entire other world. You’re in a perfect world; where it is you, your body, your soul, your perfection, and you’re able to show it off however you want. It was a flawless experience. The best part was the week after, when I was able to view the pictures. No words. The word “No” when selecting pictures was almost impossible. The photographs were unreal. It was just unbelievable. I would absolutely recommend this experience to a friend. I have been discussing this experience with them for a few weeks now. I have to build up their confidence enough to do it, and then let Jenn take care of the rest!  🙂 I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have no idea what you’ve done for me and my life.”

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Hair and makeup by Liz Martin of Noche Azul Spa

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