Where will my boudoir session take place?

The majority of our sessions take place in our home studio. We have multiple sets to choose from. Hair and makeup is done right on location (unless it is more convenient for you to go to our makeup artist’s spa). There are some clients who would like to shoot in a hotel. If that is the case, please let Jenn know which hotel you are considering. The client is responsible for booking the hotel room. We often travel for boudoir sessions and would love to chat with you!

I want to book a shoot, but I am SO nervous.

Everyone is nervous! It is normal! You will have a great time though and when you see your gorgeous images, it will totally be worth it!

How do I book a shoot?

You can give Jenn a call at 814-931-2170 or you can send her an email. INFO@LBV-PHOTO.com

The retainer fee and signed contract are all that is needed to book your shoot and reserve your date.

Should I tan before my shoot?

Please avoid spray tans. The camera just doesn’t like it. It will often make your skin look very orange and that cannot be changed in Photoshop.

How long will my shoot last?

Please plan for approximately 3 hours from start to start to finish. Hair and makeup typically lasts an hour to an hour and a half. We will shoot for an hour to an hour and a half.

Do your clients do their own hair and makeup?

No, they don’t. I have a fabulous hair and makeup artist that works with me on every shoot. Hair and makeup are included in the retainer fee. Liz Martin is an award winning make artist that owns and operates her own spa in Wilmington, De (Noche Azul Spa).

How much skin do I need to show?

This is your photoshoot! You only show as much skin as you are comfortable with. Some of my clients never wear less than what you would in a bathing suit on the beach. A lot of our work is with implied nudity. It is completely up to you how much skin you do or do not show.

I don't have any lingerie, where should I shop?

When you book your session with LaBella Vita Photography, we will send you a link with lots of online shops and a magazine that will inspire you.

How many outfits should I bring?

Please plan on bringing 8-10 looks. We will shoot 4-5 looks. Please bring a variety of colors and styles. We won’t use them all, but it is great to have options. Please also bring one outfit that is out of your comfort zone. You may surprise yourself and want to wear it! Jenn is available to chat/text/email daily if you have any questions. You can also text/email pictures to Jenn if you aren’t sure. Please also remember nude and black heels. The longer the heel, the better! This will elongate your legs. Don’t bring heels with straps around the ankles.

Do you shoot with props?

We do shoot with some props. We welcome you to bring your husband’s button down, favorite tie, or sports jersey. Please ask Jenn beforehand if you have any unusual thoughts or requests particularly with firearms.

I have no idea how to pose, will you tell me what to do?

We will absolutely tell you how to pose and where to look. All you have to do is show up and have fun!

Do you retouch your images?

We do retouch our images. As a general rule, we will remove temporary things like blemishes and leave things that are permanent, unless a client specifically requests different. That being said, most of what we do is with artful posing. Jenn has years of practice posing women of all different body types. We do offer more work intensive editing such as tan line removal for an additional fee.

I am concerned about my weight, should I wait to book?

There is no perfect time to shoot. We believe women are beautiful just the way they are! We will specifically ask what body parts you like and don’t like and will pose you with those things in mind.

When will I see my images?

Within two weeks of your session, we will hold an ordering session at Jenn’s studio. You will be able to see all your images and make your purchasing decisions at that time.

How long before my special date should I schedule?

We recommend scheduling 4-6 months prior to your event. This way you have more than enough time to take advantage of our payment plans if you would like. If you are in a rush, let us know and we will do our best to fit you in and deliver your art in time.

What if I don't want my images seen by anyone?

Don’t worry! Your images are never shown unless you give your written permission via model release. That is why we hold ordering sessions instead of doing virtual galleries. We do not put any images online unless a client permits us to do so.

Do you shoot couples boudoir?

We do not shoot couples boudoir at this time.

Do you photograph men's boudoir?

No, that is not a service I offer at this time. I can recommend some colleagues who are experienced photographing men and will gladly refer!

Can my husband come to my shoot?

I do not allow men in my studio while I am shooting.

What products do you offer?

We offer a full line of custom albums, hand stretched canvases, and fine art metals.