Ms. G – Accepting My Body

Ms. G – Accepting my Body.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I LOVE shooting boudoir. I love helping women see themselves the way that others see them. My clients struggle in a variety of different ways – weight struggles, medical concerns, mental health issues, etc. and I just love helping them see how beautiful they really are – inside AND out – and that these struggles don’t define them. Ms. G is no different. She’s had some struggles throughout her life and she continues to come out on top. THIS is why I love shooting boudoir. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. And again. And again. <3 Read Ms. G’s story, she KILLED her shoot.


“I’ve never done a boudoir shoot before. This was my first one. I am getting married in September and wanted to do this shoot as a gift to my fiance.. and to myself. I was MUCH more comfortable than I expected to be! From start to finish Jenn made me feel fierce, sexy and confident. I loved every step of the process. As someone who has struggled with accepting my body and what it has put me through (multiple surgeries, diagnosed stage 2 endometriosis, and possible fertility issues) being a “sexy woman” has always been something I didn’t view myself as. However, seeing the images that Jenn took truly has helped me see that is not the case. I feel so incredibly confident in my body now, and this shoot is something that I was doing for my future hubby, but turned into something I ended up doing for myself as well. Jenn made me feel so comfortable and she was just incredible from start to finish. The absolute best part of the experience was seeing my images for the first time. I would change how much I was able to purchase, because I truly wish I could have gotten all of my images! Jenn truly is that incredible at her job! I loved every single one. THANK YOU Jenn! xo”


Ms. G, I loved working with you. Thank you so much for hiring me.



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