Ms. C - The Story of a Breast Cancer Survivor

Ms. C – The Story of a Breast Cancer Survivor

When I tell you that Ms. C is a warrior I mean it. Warrior with a capital W. She has been through so much in the past few years – physically and emotionally – and kicked cancer’s ASS. I am honored to have been able to shoot her photos and share her story.



“I have never had my picture taken by a professional other than for my wedding and those days are such chaos that it’s hard to really remember! I was so taken aback at how Jenn made my shoot relaxing and fun. My favorite part of my session was ALL OF IT!! It was so fun to dress up and have my hair and makeup done! I also loved spending hours with Jenn! She really took the time to get to know my story and the reasons why I was there so she could capture my personality and true self. In December 2017, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was 42 at the time and blown away by the diagnosis. Little did I know that the most emotional and physical challenges were still ahead of me. In January 2018, I had a bilateral mastectomy with the reconstruction 3 months later. Due to my body shape and construction, my reconstruction did not really fit my body. I was used to DD sized girls and now I was an A cup. I had 4 more reconstructive surgeries over the course of 9 months, each one not really giving me what I thought my breasts should look like. One has a wrinkle that just won’t go away and, girls, the scars are scary… and there are no nipples. When I was recovering from one of my surgeries I told myself I needed to do this shoot – not to necessarily give them to my husband (although he is going to love them!) but to give them as a gift to myself. I still struggle with my body image, the emotional toll this journey has brought on me, and the complete change of my lifestyle and career. I can tell you I’m going to look at these pictures DAILY. Jenn has been able to give me back not only my self confidence but my smile, my happy.. she gave me back a little bit of the old me by doing these pictures and I am forever grateful to her.”


Ms. C, I am just  as grateful to you for sharing your story with me. I am in awe of you. <3





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  1. Fatima says:

    Wow! This is incredible! She looks like Mariah Carey! Lol love it

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