Ms. C – An investment in my self esteem

You guys. This blonde bombshell absolutely killed her shoot. You wouldn’t have even known her background if she hadn’t chosen to share it. She was able to rock every pose with confidence and grace. Check out her story below. Ms. C, I loved working with you. You ARE worthy of all the good things in life. The good things and so, so much more. <3


“Although I had done a boudoir shoot before (about 35 years ago when I was much younger!), the pictures were lost a long time ago. I decided it was time to do another one and a shoot with Jenn was by far the best experience I’ve had! I decided to do the boudoir shoot totally for me – not for a significant other, but 100% for myself. I have trouble doing things for myself and seeing myself as others see me, so this shoot was a gift to myself – an investment in me AND in my self esteem.

At eight years old, my mother looked at me one day and said, “You look eight months pregnant…pull that stomach in.” From that day on no matter what my weight was or what size I wore I saw myself as fat. My weight has fluctuated, constantly going up and down. I have worn a size 16 and a size 6. I have struggled with food addiction and self-loathing. I am much older now, sometimes wiser, and have gained some self-confidence along the way. The struggle to see myself as someone who is worthy of all the good things in life; however, is still a constant fight in the back of my mind. I do a good job at faking it most of the time, not letting the world see it, but it’s definitely still there.

I didn’t have many expectations of this shoot; however, I was not expecting to feel as beautiful as I did during the shoot, which I totally did thanks to Jenn. One of my favorite parts of the shoot was hearing Jenn’s constant words of encouragement and compliments during the shoot. The next best part was getting to play dress-up for the first time in a very long time. The make-up and hair was the icing on the cake for me.  I don’t regret a single thing about doing this shoot. Ladies, I encourage you to make the decision to do this for YOU, you will not regret it at all.”


Thank you again, Ms. C, for hiring me to be your boudoir photographer. I’m so glad that you gave boudoir a second chance and allowed me to be the one to capture your beauty. You are gorgeous inside AND out. <3




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