Ms. L – The Goddess Hiding Within

Ms. L killed her shoot. She described her shoot as “the journey I am grateful I took” and I’m so glad I was able to accompany her on this journey. She described the shoot as “so easy”, but she was a dream to work with. Ms. L, I’m so glad you loved your images and experience as much as I loved working with you! <3 Check out her Q&A below!


A: I have never done a boudoir shoot before, but Jenn made it sooooo easy!



A: I’m have always wanted to do one! The women always look soooo gorgeous and fierce in the photos you share! I wanted to feel that way just once.



A: I definitely have to say all of it! From the hair and makeup to the changing of the outfits and overall Jenn’s expertise in posing and making you feel at ease it was all definitely worth it.



A: I was always the “cute” girl, I absolutely hated it! I thought I would never be able to be called “hot”. Now I have the pictures to prove it.



A: It was a lot of work posing and holding still. I can’t tell you how many times Jenn told me to stick my butt out more! LOL!



A: From the initial booking to the reveal, it was a journey I am grateful I took. I wouldn’t change anything, I am very happy with my pictures and I am very grateful to Jenn for bringing out the sexy goddess I was hiding within.


Thanks for sharing  your story with us, Ms. L. You were so much fun to work with and I’m so thankful that you hired me to document your journey!





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